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The firm was set up in 1999 by two professional lawyers, Laura Limido and Dario Radice, and presently has two offices, one in Milan and one at Busto Arsizio. We provide legal advice and assistance regarding both in and out-of-court matters, covering various areas including commercial and corporate law, both Italian and international, Chinese law, bankruptcy and insolvency law, competition and intellectual property law, banking and finance law, labour law, real estate, tenders, leases, and condominium law.
Regarding the areas of practice, we mainly deal with companies and private individuals with interests in business activities, investments, real estate assets, and corporate shareholdings. We also provide services to over-indebted companies and individuals.
Our team constantly keep up-to-date professionally in order to provide a service that is always in line with the latest legislation and jurisprudential developments.
Laura Limido, lawyer
Holding a degree in law, having specialised in business law, at the University of Milan.
After completing her degree in 1994, Laura then obtained a first-class Master′s degree in competition law and International Contracts at the Bicocca University of Milan, as well as various university diplomas in specialised fields (financial markets law, corporate law, fashion law, Swiss law, and legal English).
As a member of the Milan Bar Association since 1999 and on the Special Register of Cassation Lawyers since 2011, Laura has acquired and developed her professional expertise in the field of international and domestic commercial law, corporate law, competition law, intellectual property, and bankruptcy law. She has extensive experience in assisting businesses in international contract matters, with particular knowledge of Chinese law and Swiss law. She has received numerous appointments from the Bankruptcy Section of the Milan Court, serving as Judicial Commissioner, Bankruptcy Trustee, and Crisis Settlement Body. She has also served as Crisis Manager at the OCC (Organismo di Composizione della Crisi) of the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce and the SERCOP Consortium, and is registered with the Association of Crisis Managers at the Ministry of Justice. She has an excellent command of the English language.
Dario Radice, lawyer
Dario obtained his degree in law with a specialisation in business at the University of Milan in 1996.
He has been a member of the Milan Bar Association since 2001 and the Special Registry of Cassation Lawyers since 2015.
He has gained professional experience in the areas of commercial and corporate law, and bankruptcy and insolvency in general, also taking on judicial appointments, serving as a judicial commissioner and bankruptcy trustee.
He has acted as a Judicial Administrator for seized and confiscated assets and as an assistant to the National Agency for the Administration and Destination of Confiscated Assets (ANBSC).
He has served and continues to serve as an assistant/delegate.
Since 2003, he has mainly dealt with corporate restructuring, business crises, and insolvency, providing assistance both in out-of-court and court proceedings on behalf of insolvency procedures, including matters related to the liability of management and supervisory bodies.
Marianna Meraviglia, lawyer
In 1997 Marianna obtained a master′s degree in Law, specialising in international law, at Bocconi University in Milan, having completed a thesis on intellectual property law entitled "Street Art and Law: Comparative Analysis of Copyright Protection in the United States and Italy."
Marianna has been registered with the Milan Bar Association since 2017 and is fully qualified to practice law.
Having acquired experience in the fields of civil law, commercial and corporate law, both in judicial and extrajudicial settings, and bankruptcy and insolvency law, Marianna provides assistance to bankruptcy trustees and judicial liquidators, with a particular focus on contractual relationships and the liability of corporate bodies. Additionally, she has a keen interest in bankruptcy real estate sales.
Marianna speaks Italian, English and Spanish.
Roberta Legori, lawyer
In 2020, Roberta graduated from the Catholic University in Milan with a master′s degree with honours in Law, specialising in Business Law, having completed her thesis in Civil Law, titled "The Non-performance of Company Directors in the Theory of Obligations".
Registered with the Milan Bar Association since 2020 and fully qualified in September 2022, Roberta is an expert in the areas of civil and commercial law, and bankruptcy and insolvency law, both in court and out of court with particular regard to the inherent contractual relationships and the liability of corporate bodies, as well as handling national and international contract law matters.
Roberta speaks both Italian and English.
Veronica Lombardini
Graduating with honours and a master′s degree in Law in 2021 from the University of Milan, Veronica‚Äôs thesis in bankruptcy law was titled "Arbitration and Minor Insolvency Procedures".
Registered with the Milan Bar Association since 2021 and specialised in the fields of civil and commercial law, as well as bankruptcy and insolvency law, both in court and out of court, Veronica also focuses on contractual relationships and the liability of corporate bodies.
Veronica speaks both Italian and English.
The first area of specialisation concerns bankruptcy law and corporate crisis, seen through appointments as bankruptcy trustees, commissioners and judicial liquidators by the Courts of Milan and Varese. This also involves providing support to companies and professionals in managing issues related to corporate crises, such as acting as advisors for accessing procedures provided by the Corporate Crisis Code, Assisted Negotiation of Crisis, and other non-judicial tools for resolving corporate crises.
The second area of specialisation relates to judicial and extrajudicial assistance, and advice for companies in contractual matters, with a particular focus on international contracts, intellectual property protection, and competition. The activity in this field consists of drafting structured "tailor-made" contracts, predominantly in English, aimed at regulating both commercial relationships (research and development agreements, intellectual property protection agreements, technology transfer and licensing agreements, trademarks, patents, know-how, contract law in financial matters, as well as agency, distribution, subcontracting, manufacturing and OEM agreements) and collaboration between companies with network, consortia and joint-venture contracts.
The third area of specialisation concerns corporate law transactions, both in terms of judicial assistance to companies before specialised sections in business matters (actions for liability of administrative bodies, challenges to shareholder resolutions, corporate financial statements, appeals to the Registrar of Companies...) and in providing assistance and advice in the structuring of corporate transactions, with specialised expertise in drafting corporate documents and agreements, extraordinary transactions, shareholders′ agreements, and M&A operations.
Commercial Law
  • Contract law, prepared according to domestic and international regulations, and consultancy specifically regarding agency, sales, distribution, supply, franchising, tenders, real estate and leases.
  • E-commerce
  • Energy law
Corporate Law
  • Transfer of shares and corporate transactions, mergers, acquisitions, transformations, corporate groups, associations/syndicates
  • Drafting of corporate documents, Articles of Association, Shareholders′ Agreements
  • Assistance in corporate governance and liability of corporate bodies
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Business crisis management
  • Acquisition, sale and lease of companies, business units, local branches, and commercial departments
Corporate Insolvency Law
  • Assistance in insolvency and over-indebtedness proceedings
  • Assistance to creditors in filing claims for admission of a credit, restitution, or reclaiming of movable and immovable assets
  • Assistance in ordinary and bankruptcy avoidance actions
  • Assistance in objections to the creditor′s claims and appeals against decisions made by the bodies of bankruptcy proceedings.
Labour Law
  • Labour law, trade unions, social security, and industrial relations, including individual and collective company bargaining
  • National and international agency relationships
Industrial and Intellectual Property Law
  • Protection of industrial property rights, know-how, trademarks, patents, domain names
  • Fashion Law / Luxury
  • Competition and antitrust law
Banking, Financial Law, and Corporate Financing
  • Banking and financial operations - Banking and financial contracts, financial and credit derivatives, lease-back agreements
  • Security relationships - bonds, trusts, independent guarantee contracts, surety relationships
  • Investor protection
European and International Law
  • Antitrust legislation
  • International trade issues
  • International contract law
  • Joint venture operations with foreign entities
  • Chinese law
  • National and international arbitrations in commercial and corporate matters, administered and ad hoc
Other Areas
  • Family law
  • Inheritance law
  • Guardianship law
  • Road Accidents
  • Condominium law
  • Criminal law
Expert Legal Advice and Assistance
Our law firm prides itself on the high level of expertise of its founding partners and the professionals who are part of the team. The founding partners enjoy an excellent reputation both within the relevant courts and among professionals operating in the same areas.
The firm adheres to precise ethical and professional standards, taking on assignments in a decisive manner. and provides clients with a clear overview of potential risks and benefits in managing their cases and related costs. We place special attention on issues of gender equality and sustainability.
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